Legal Notice

TAMALSA EUROPA S.A. is a family business dedicated to the commercialization of lumber. Born in 1973 as a plywood factory, since 1985 it focuses its activity on the import, storage and distribution of lumber and related products.

Our company belongs to a timber group with a long business history. It was founded in 1903 by the Cuadrado family, remaining in it today.

TAMALSA is an international business. We import wood from all over the world and although our main supplier countries are USA, Canada, Ivory Coast and Cameroon, we maintain relations with many other countries always opened to any alternative that may arise.

Tropical, hardwood and coniferous woods, in a range of high quality, are our primary focus and meet the needs of sectors such as carpentry, furniture and decoration our fundamental commitment. From our warehouse in Aldaya (Valencia) we serve the entire national market.

In TAMALSA we have the same objective as any business organization, what distinguishes us is the way to achieve it. It is true that in a competitive market like ours, the price differences cannot be great, however the balanced combination of adjusted costs and other factors such as availability and quality of wood, personalized treatment, payment facilities and commercial attention have made us place ourselves in the leading positions.

Lumber availability: If what you need is lumber it is evident that the quantity and variety stored by your supplier is a very important factor. Therefore, to meet your needs, we have one of the largest warehouses in Spain, not only in terms of volume of lumber but also for the diversity of species, grades and squadrons. In this way, we get a fast service while enabling our clients to choose from a wide variety of grades, thickness and length.

Personalized treatment: Being a family business, the employees’ rotation is minimal. For that reason, our clients are almost all “old friends of the house". In short, they enjoy the advantages of a large company but with a personal, direct and permanent treatment.

Quality: We always demand from our suppliers the best within each grade, not losing sight of the quality/price ratio. We continuously control, at origin and destination, that our lumber maintains the quality that we all expect from it.

Commercial attention: TAMALSA customers have been able to verify that we pay the same attention and interest, although the conditions cannot be the same, both to an operation of a pack of lumber and to others of several trucks.

Payment facilities. Although our company is not a financial institution, we try, within the risks approved for each client, to adapt as much as possible to their needs and requirements in matters such as forms of payment.