For more than a hundred years, in our family, we have not done anything other than take care of the wood. In all this time, we have learned to love and respect it as a living element. And it is so grateful that it pays us back for it becoming a unique, versatile and useful material for multiple applications. Because, is there anything warmer than wood to create a home? Is there a more elegant material in architectural designs? Or a better base to elaborate and feel a sculpture?

The soul of wood is found at the world's forests. In each and every one. Trees grow there, a key piece in the maintenance of biodiversity and habitat necessary for the birth and survival of many other plant species. And not only these. Thanks to them, to their fruits, men and animals eat and for their ability to absorb carbon dioxide they give us protection from the perverse greenhouse effect. Moreover, when its maturity period arrives and the properties just mentioned decrease, the tree can continue to contribute wealth to the planet if it is used as wood, in a sustainable way.

The sustainability of the use is demonstrated by its certification. Our company was the first in Spain to obtain FSC certification for its chain of custody as wood importers. We were sure that if the work in the forest was carried out responsibly, we would help it to perpetuate itself and continue to create wealth and provide environmental benefits for future generations.

The care of the forest, the selective and well-managed cutting, sustainable in short, creates wealth to the populations that inhabit the area. In addition, its manufacture in the countries of origin contributes to creating jobs and in this way it is possible for people to stay in the places where they have always lived and want to be without being forced to migrate.

When we receive the wood in our facilities we give everything to preserve its natural beauty. We take care that the drying process is carried out in optimal conditions so that it reaches the hands of the artisan, artist or industrialist as it has always been. With its integrated properties, which allow to take out what the prescriber or designer has dreamed or imagined. We take care that our lumber is not affected by climatic factors that make it lose excessive moisture and produce fendes or deformations, we worry about changing the separation slats to protect the homogeneity of the color and we also worry that throughout the process it is covered from very harmful weather conditions for certain species.

Wood, once worked and converted into floors, furniture, works of art ..., can be enjoyed for generations, always giving warmth and increasing its beauty every day. And even here its existence does not end. Wood is one of the easiest materials to restore to give it a second life and recycle with its conversion into multiple materials or biomass.




If what you need is wood, it is clear that the quantity and variety stored by your supplier is a very important factor. Therefore, to meet your needs, we have one of the largest warehouses in Spain, not only in terms of volume of lumber but also due to the diversity of species, grades and squares. In this way, we achieve a fast service plus less wastage since you are able to choose between a wide variety of grades, thicknesses and lengths.


Being a family business, the employees' rotation is minimal. For that reason and so as not to get lost in multiple departments, our clients are almost all "old friends of the house."


We always demand from our suppliers the best within each grade, without losing sight of quality/price. We continuously control, at origin and destination, that our lumber maintains the highest quality.


TAMALSA's customers have been able to verify that we pay the same attention and interest, even though the conditions may not be the same, both to an operation involving a bundle of wood and to others involving several trucks.


Although our company is not a financial institution, we try, within the risks approved for each client, to adapt as much as possible to their needs and requirements in matters such as forms of payment.


Tamalsa is the first importing company to obtain FSC ® certification for its chain of custody. This is indicative of our continuous concern towards environmental issues and shows that we move more guided by our conviction than by economic interests.

We are aware that it is not possible to promote the use of certified wood without offering something real to the market so that FSC ® certification is not just a speech but something real and that there are forests and that there is processed wood in the markets. For this reason, in its day it was decided, despite the fact that the demand was, due to ignorance of the subject, practically non-existent, to include FSC ® stocks in different species and that any interested person could have availability.

CHAIN OF CUSTODY POLICY OF Tamalsa Europa, S. L. U and the Participating sites in the Multisite.

The Management of Tamalsa Europa, S. L. U. and the participating Sites in the Multisite, after the implementation of its Chain of Custody to control the entry and exit of FSC and PEFC certified products and ultimately satisfy the environmental requirements of our customers, considers and declares as strategic objectives of its policy the following:®


  • Keep up to date the records and other documents necessary for the verification of our Chain of Custody.
  • Comply promptly with the legal regulations applicable to all the activities of the company.
  • Achieve maximum motivation about the FSC and PEFC certification at all levels of the Organization and among our collaborators.

To achieve these objectives, the Management of  Tamalsa Europa, S. L. U. and the Participating Sites in the Multisite, together with the Chain of Custody Department, lead and promote the execution of the following actions:


  • Establish and maintain an effective and efficient Chain of Custody, planned and developed in conjunction with the rest of the departments of our organization.
  • Determine the conformity of the work with the requirements of our Chain of Custody in those points where possible confusions with non-certified products could be caused.
  • Ensure that, in the Organization itself, the administration and warehouse staff are fully familiar with the Objectives and the Chain of Custody Policy of Tamalsa Europa, S. L. U. and the participating Sites in the Multisite thanks to the Training at all levels of the same. In this sense, the annual Chain of Custody Program will also be made public, so that with the effort of all we can achieve the planned Objectives.

These Objectives could not be met and achieved without your invaluable help, so the Management would like to thank you for the commitment that you have all acquired to develop and achieve the certification of our Chain of Custody.

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