• Scientific name: Nesogordonia papaverifera R. Capuron
• Spanish: Kotibe, Danta


Description of the wood

• Sapwood: Pink.
• Heartwood: light brown to v1olaceous brown that turns red with light.
• Fiber: Straight, often slightly intertwined.
• Grain: Thin to medium


• Sapwood: Moderately impregnable
• Heartwood: From little to non-impregnable


• Sawing: No more problems than its certain hardness and abrasiveness.
• Drying: Medium to slow. R1esges of cementation and small risk of deformations and fendas.
• Planning: Difficult due to its hardness and abrasiveness. The pieces with interlaced fiber have repell reisgo.
• Gluing: No problems.
• Nailing and screwing: Due to its hardness, it is advisable to make pre-drills.
• Finish: No problems.


• Furniture and fine cabinetry of interior and exterior. Turned furniture.
• Interior carpentry, doors, stairs, cladding, mouldings, skirting boards, friezes, parquet.
• Exterior carpentry, doors and windows.
• Decorative plates.

Mechanical properties

• Resistance to static flexion 1,350 kg/cm2

• Elasticity module 115,000 kg/cm2

• Resistance to compression 700 kg/cm2


• It often presents two colors in the same piece, one lighter and one more reddish. The firm shoots presented in the photo are characteristic of this species.