• Scientist: Guarea cedrata Pellegr.;
G. laurentii De Wild.
• Spanish: Bosse


Description of the wood

• Sapwood: light brown
• Heartwood: Pink brown.
• Fiber: Straight, sometimes slightly intertwined.
• Grain: Thin to medium.


• Sapwood: Impregnable.
• Durable: Non-impregnable


• Sawing: Easy, except that it presents sllice that causes rapid wear of the saws and allergies.
• Drying: Average speed. Medium risks of deformations and the appearance of fendas.
• Planning: No problems except for the silica already indicated and the risk of repelling in pieces with interlocking fiber.
• Gluing: No difficulties.
• Nailing and screwing: No difficulties.
• Finish: No difficulties, except when resin exudations are found, which are usually frequent.


• Furniture and fine cabinetry of interior and exterior. Turned pieces.
• Interior carpentry, doors, cladding, mouldings, skirting boards, friezes.
• Exterior carpentry, doors and windows.
• Decorative veneers and plywood.

Mechanical properties

• Resistance to static flexion 1,100 kg/cm2

• Elasticity module 109,000 kg/cm2

• Resistance to compression 510 kg/cm2


• Sapwood light color and darker heartwood. Sometimes, erroneously, they call it Cedar. There are important color variations depending on the origin