• Scientist: Nauclea diderichii Merrill.
Sarcocephallus trillesii Pierre.
Nauclea gilletii Merrill.
• Spanish: Bllinga, belinga, aloma, badi, kusia, opepe.


Description of the wood

• Sapwood varies from whitish to light yellow.
• Lemon yellow heartwood in freshly cut wood. After exposure to the sun orange or old
gold • Fiber: Interspersed
• Grain: Medium
• Singularities: May present transverse breaks due to wind blows.


• Sapwood: Impregnable
• Heartwood: Moderately impregnable


• Sleepers
• Poles
• Carpentry
• Hydraulic works
• Bridges
• Floors: industrial, parquet
• Cabinetry and furniture
• Veneers for decorative coatings
• Shipbuilding
• Bottoms of trucks and wagons
• Containers to contain chemicals: acids

Mechanical properties

• Resistance to static flexion 1200 kg/cm2

• Elasticity module 131,000 kg/cm2

• Resistance to compression 630 kg/cm2


• Widely used in northern Europe for outdoor Decking.