Ayous / Samba


• Scientist: Triplochiton scleroxylon K. Schum
• Spanish: Samba. Ayous. Obechí©


Description of the wood

• Sapwood and heartwood: Creamy white to light yellowish white.
• Fiber: Straight, occasionally slightly intertwined.
• Grain: Medium to coarse.


• Poorly impregnable


• Sawing: No problems.
• Drying: Quick and easy. Very small risks of deformations and fendes.
• Planning: No problems.
• Gluing: No difficulties.
• Nailing and screwing: No difficulties.
• Finish: No difficulties.


• Interior furniture.
• Interior carpentry, doors, cladding, mouldings, skirting boards, friezes.
• Picture frames.
• Plywood board.
• Packaging.

Mechanical properties

• Resistance to static flexion 620 kg/cm2

• Elasticity module 59,500 kg/cm2

• Resistance to compression 285 kg/cm2

• Parallel tensile strength 480 kg/cm2


• In certain trunks can appear the "taredo" that can be seen in the third photograph.