Soft Maple


Description of the wood

• Sapwood: White
• Heartwood: Light red
• Fiber: Straight, sometimes wavy
• Grain: Thin


• Sapwood: capable of being impregnated.
• Heartwood: low capacity of being impregnated.


• Sawing: Easy, hassle-free
• Drying: Easy and fast. Risk of packing
• Planning and other operations: No problems
• Gluing: Easy
• Nailing and screwing: Easy.
• Finish: Easy.


• Fine interior furniture. Carving, turning and curved furniture.
• Interior Carpentry and paneling: Doors, windows, flooring, parquet, friezes, mouldings.
• Kitchen and table utensils.

Mechanical properties

• Resistance to static flexion 920 kg/cm2
• Elasticity module 113,000 kg/cm2
• Resistance to compression 451kg/dm2


• Its main difference with hard maple is that it can present old insect bites, as can be seen in the third photograph, in addition to its colour that it is more greyish.